All it takes

All_It_Takes_Sauce_IMG_9327See the photo on the left up there? Those three ingredients, are all it takes to make the delicious sauce on the right. Well, those three ingredients, 45 minutes, and the option of salt & pepper. What I’m talking about here is Marcella Hazan’s famous sauce.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but if you haven’t tried this sauce already, you really should. It’s going to blow your mind with it’s effortlessness.

You simply take the three ingredients pictured above left, bung them in a pot, simmer for 45 minutes—with the occasional stir and smoosh—and you’re done. And it’s delicious.

I made a double batch tonight, one for tonight, one for the future (I’m in dinner-nesting mode).

We had ours over spinach ravioli, but it works well over any pasta, or in lasagne. Or, if you’re pregnant, in a bowl with a spoon.


Pasta e fagioli & salad

PastaFagioli&Salad_IMG_9245Pasta e Fagioli is quick, easy and oh-so delicious. Perfect for when you need a make-ahead dinner, a prep-ahead dinner, or just something fast.

We had ours with a salad of CSA greens and yellow tomatoes, capers & dijon vinaigrette. We (meaning I) devoured the salad so quickly, that there was no time for a picture.


Burrito_IMG_7788DIY dinners are on my favorite list these days. With Rose’s fickleness, Shane’s volume requirements, and my taste buds hijacked by hormones, options are key. Also, kids love eat-with-your-hands food. Hello, burrito!

Today’s get through your CSA Box (aka Salad Challenge) tip: Romaine lettuce reduces in volume when shredded. (Bonus points for burrito.)


Beans from scratch

Beans&Rice_IMG_7229Few things are more gratifying than making beans from scratch. By from scratch I mean from dried beans, the kind you soak. What other main course costs less than two dollars to make, is delicious, and nutritious, and serves 4?

If I were a planner-aheader (which I most certainly am not) I would make beans from scratch every week. Because they require some time to make—not hands-on time, just simmering hours—they make it to our table much less often than they should.

I don’t have a recipe, the ingredients are: a bag of beans, an onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, some Better Than Bouillon, lots of cumin and a glug or two of wine.

Tonight we had our beans with a bit of crumbly white cheese, rice and a baby kale salad with avocado and creamy lime dressing.

Rose photographed her own plate (below).Beans&Rice_IMG_7232