FreeNight_IMG_0425It’s been a while since we’ve had Free Night which is what Rose calls do it yourself tacos or burritos, or any assemble-it-yourself meal for that matter. Shane said he wanted to make the fixin’s and that was just fine by  me!

For Shane’s version, we had both corn and flour tortillas. His beans were a combo of black beans and Trader Joe’s organic refried beans, sautéed up with some onions and spices. For a change, we tried TJ’s special salsa, which is dark in color and extra yummy. The guacamole was very creamy, because Shane is extremely powerful.

We love Free Night because it’s so easy and flexible. Click here, here and here to see some other examples of what you can do. Kids, even the picky type, are often amenable to any type of assemble-it-yourself meal, which adds appeal. They DIY factor makes it easy to accommodate a variety of tastes and dietary preferences.