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30 days of posting challenge: Day 9

When Shane has to work at 6pm, as he did tonight, the arrangement is that I pick up both kids from two different activities in two totally different locations. This gets us home around 7:15, barely—just barely—in time to avoid a dinner’s-too-late meltdown.

How totally surprised and delighted was I to come home to dinner all prepped and waiting on the stove? I was so totally surprised and delighted that I exclaimed out loud “Holy ho ho! I’ve got the husband of the year!”

I don’t know where “holy ho ho” came from.

Shane had made us a fresh pot of Penne Alla Vodka and a bowl of par-boiled pasta. He even left a previously boiled pot of still-warm water so that we were able to eat literally minutes after walking in the door.

Awesome sauce!

30 days of posting challenge: Day 4

Tonight as promised I’m picking up where I left off two nights ago. So go ahead and read that post here before you continue—that is, if you like things all chronological-like.

So, what exactly does this blog about dinner, food, family and life have anything to do with my career as a graphic designer? (Drumroll…. or not) Sorry, I don’t have an answer to that question right now. But maybe I will at the end of 30 days!

As part of the Build Yourself Accelerator workshop, we do a lot of really helpful exploring and asking questions of ourselves. One of the things we discussed was how to leverage what you’re already doing to build career success and visibility.

The blog immediately came to mind as something I’m already doing, now I just need to find a way to connect it to my career. And that connection is what all this posting will hopefully, ultimately reveal.

Want to know what I do for a day job? Tune in tomorrow… or maybe the next day.

Oh right, this blog is about dinner! Tonight Shane made pizza (yesssss!) and a delicious little plate of mozzarella with a teeny tiny pile of fennel on top, that he tried to pass off as a salad (it’s the thought that counts, right?)



BLTs and CLTs

Tonight we’re talking about CLTs (not to be confused with TLTs). This is what folks around here are saying:

“Shane! What the hell did you do to this sandwich? It’s so good!”

“It’s a CLT, Nina. Or as I like to call it, a clit.”

“What the hell kind of cheese is this? This isn’t brie, it’s much better than brie.”

“It’s triple brie.”

“Rose, eat your sandwich.”

“Is this egg? I don’t want egg.”

“It’s an egg and cheese omelet inside of a BLT sandwich.”

“You should really try it, mine is the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.”

“Ok I have to say this is actually really good.”

You get the picture. So, what the hell did Shane do? By the looks of it he toasted regular old hamburger buns in butter and then piled them high with perfectly seasoned ingredients.

The “triple brie,” the lightly mayoed buttered bun, the perfectly salted chunks of tomato, the sprinkling of crushed wasabi peas on the side salad. It all came together like, well, the most perfect thing ever. And then geez, putting a cheese omelet inside of a BLT. Stop it Shane, just stop!

Puttanesca and Irish silliness 

This week’s dinner awesomeness came in the form of pasta with puttanesca sauce (the kind without tuna) and a simple salad. The puttanesca recipe came from the Italian Classics book which Rose got Shane for Father’s Day at a yard sale. Aw.

We also had some fun on St. Patrick’s Day with green rice and some awfully good (and totally unrelated) lentils cooked like risotto. If you like lentils you should really try cooking them like risotto. Green rice is fine if you can get your head around it, or if you’re hungry enough.

Today is Shane’s birthday, so check back tomorrow for a post about everyone’s favorite topic… cake!

Risotto two ways

Risotto & AsparagusWhat’s more awesome than risotto with a side of asparagus cooked to perfection by your loving spouse? That same risotto the next day when it’s been mixed with cheese, breaded and deep fried. Crispy, golden patties of deliciousness. That’s what we’ve got for you this week. Hope you like it, we sure did. xoxo
Fried Risotto

• Leftover Risotto Arancini •
Take leftover risotto, mix it with shredded mozzarella, about 1 part cheese to 3 parts risotto. Form into patties about 3/4″ thick by 2″ in diameter. Refrigerate until the patties are somewhat firm, an hour or overnight. Dip each patty in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs and set aside. Heat a half inch to an inch of neutral flavored oil (peanut, safflower etc) in a pan and fry the patties on one side until golden, flip and fry until the other side is golden. Drain on paper towels and enjoy.

This week’s takeaways

Jan 1-7 takeawayI’ve realized that posting nightly is just not doable at this stage in my life, family and work-wise. So this month, we’re testing a weekly takeaway-style format.

Without further ado, this week we learned that (clockwise from top left):
1. Navy Bean & Escarole Soup with Olives and Feta is excellent – even if you don’t have olives or escarole, and can only manage beans from a can.
2. This guy isn’t as mean as he looks, but he still makes the meanest pizza pie around, even while recovering from pneumonia.
3. When all else fails, feed the toddler ramen noodles – it’s got more nutrition than air…
4. Make extra pizza. Shane’s pie is one of the few leftovers my family (me excluded) is willing to take for lunch and/or re-heat for dinner.

Pizza on the Cape

We had such a tiny group at the Cape this weekend that Shane was able to do his pizza thang. He made dough in the morning, took a nap with the babe, and then started pumping out the pies around 6:00.

My mom, always the trooper, contributed two big salads which she made while tottering around on her walker with her busted up leg. I’m not sure if “pumping out pies” or “tottering around” are real expressions, but you get what I mean.

We all crammed into the smallest room in the house, because it was all candlelit and cozy—thanks Shane—and made the chit chat while we waited for each pie to come out.

The first was a simple cheese, for the kids. We had 4 kids around this weekend, 3 of which technically eat food. One kid refused to take out his pacifier or get off the couch, and another decided he’d prefer an egg. This worked out as it left us with one pizza-eating kid and plenty of cheese pizza to get the adults started.

The next pie was a non-dairy for Jenya. Shane and I thought about this in advance and remembered that delicious potato and rosemary pie from Sullivan Street Bakery. It wasn’t the same as Sullivan’s but it was really good.

Things were kind of a blur for me after that. Sid eventually did get off the couch and dragged a stool and his guitar to the middle of the smallest room in the house, where we all were. He sang Happy Birthday at the top of his lungs repeatedly, making it difficult for us to concentrate on pizza, or have a conversation.

The pies started winding down around 10pm. At that stage the kids may or may not have been in bed, but things had quieted down enough for me to register a white pizza with arugula, ricotta & lemon, and a salami, basil and garlic cheese-less pie.

The next day, I managed to catch a glimpse of Shane’s dough recipe which I’m sharing with you here. Your guess on the instructions is as good as mine.


Fresh pasta on a Wednesday night

After working 10 days in a row, Shane wanted nothing more than to spend a few hours making fresh pasta. That’s how Shane rolls… the dough. Ha ha ha!

Here he is in action.

Sid can’t resist flour, it’s messy but keeps him from sticking his fingers in the pasta machine.

Lovely bundles waiting to be cooked.

The finished product. Served with meatballs…

Or not. So delicate and delicious and fresh. What a guy.

Scenes from a pizza night

Everyone is delighted when Shane decides to make pizza, we really think it’s the best “za” around. Because the pizza making is an ongoing process and he serves the pies as they come out of the oven, we like hang out with him in the kitchen while he cooks. It’s a really fun time, and everyone gets involved, in one way or another, even if it’s just making the chit-chat… or making a mess.

Now don’t worry, that 500 degree oven kills all germs. At least, that’s what we like to think.


Craving gratin

  Shane told us last night that he’s really been craving potato gratin. For dinner, he made gratin dauphinois, roasted cubanelle peppers, salad with spinach and raw yellow beets, and burgers (not pictured). 

Actually, I made the salad. And for the record, I intend to rack up hella corporate wellness program points for the variety of color on my plate.