We are in the process of moving. It was only practical for Mother’s Day dinner to not be anything particularly elaborate.

My dad suggested we pull some meat out of the freezer in the basement and have a roast. I responded by playing my vegetarian card, which is something I almost never do.

More precisely, I said: I don’t want a stupid roast for dinner, it’s Mother’s Day!

So Shane made a delicious tortilla soup and a side of beans. This made my mom and I very happy.

Rose found the soup too spicy but happily devoured 4 servings of beans. Sid ate sprigs of cilantro dipped in salty water because that’s what he learned to do at Passover a few weeks ago.

For dessert we had tasty muffins, which is what Sid called the cupcakes he and Shane got me from Sweet, the bakeshop next to Wegmans.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.