Tilefish_IMG_5869I overheard the fish guy at the farmers market call Tilefish “buttery,” and I was sold.

Dinner A Love Story has a post about Tilefish with smoked paprika butter. Seemingly perfect, until I was already preheating the oven and realized that the fish was supposed to be grilled. On a grill. (I don’t have a grill.)

I used DALS’s smoked paprika butter recipe*, but instead of melting the butter, I just kind of smeared it all over the top of the fish. Prior to smearing, I placed the fish skin-side down on an oiled and foiled a baking tray. The fish cooked at 450, for about 12 minutes. It would probably be better grilled, but we didn’t have any trouble polishing it off.

We had the barley that Shane brought home last week. After boiling it until tender, I tossed it with olive oil and salt. Barley is a nice change of pace from rice and probably more healthful.

For salad we had radicchio and orange peppers with mustardy, lemony, caper dressing. I’m going to measure next time and post the recipe because it’s a favorite of the moment. Even Rose liked it, she thought the peppers were tomatoes.

*I could eat smoked paprika butter with a spoon, by the way, it’s that good. And that color! Intoxicating.