It was an exciting week here at The Steady Table. The little guy turned one. One! How cool is that? We celebrated with pizza (it was a Tuesday after all) and ice cream for dessert.

In the dinner department, we stuck to our meal plan and timing. For the most part, we did pretty well.

On the menu this week? Monday: My favorite chili (a vegetarian and a turkey version). Tuesday: Pizza from Upper Crust, a simple salad and three flavors of Talenti gelato. Wednesday: A delicious new pasta dish by Shane (which I will post for you when we make it again, soon). Thursday*: Salmon with dill sauce, potatoes, roasted peppers and a delicious and hearty salad. Friday: Pasta with creamy gorgonzola sauce and a complicated green bean dish.

In the middle of dinner tonight, my parents’ friend Greg arrived with an entire somewhat-local, pasture-raised, grass-fed cow that needed to be divvied up. So, more on that later.

* Thursday’s dinner was cooked by our guests, Ann & Gail, which was pretty great of them.