My aunt and uncle host Thanksgiving every year. Usually we go up to their place in the country, but with my due date a mere 9 days away, they had it at home. This made things very easy for us, since we only live a few blocks away from them. It was just our speed, thanks guys.

Among my favorite dishes tonight were: My Grandma Lillian’s Company Carrots, I think her recipe was similar to this one. Kirst’s (actually, Melissa Clark’s) kale salad, which we had last year too. The chestnut stuffing. And my sister’s pea and mint crostini appetizer.

The plan for tonight was for me to displace the baby with food, but sadly, I forgot that when you’re this pregnant you can’t eat very much at one time. So no turkey baby for us, and I hobble on.

Our camera fell this week, so photos are few this year, and are going to be a bit sparse and/or blurry until I manage to get it fixed. Recommendations on where to service a Cannon Digital Rebel in NYC, anyone?