We had a lovely New Years Eve with, my sisters, brother in law and new baby nephew. The boys wanted meat, I wanted caviar and Jenya is not eating dairy because of the baby’s milk protein allergy. With all that in mind, we set about to make a rather delicious meal.

Before dinner we stopped down the hill to have “appetizers” with our parents and friends. Rose impressed us all by eating three raw oysters.

When we got home, we had more appetizers. Roasted fingerling potatoes topped with smoked salmon, creme fraiche (and some without for Jenya), and golden caviar. We also had a lovely cocktail called a Rose Royale which was made with rose syrup, gin, champagne and a pomegranate seed garnish.

The meat was prime rib, which they cooked as shown here but using olive oil instead of butter. We made the roasted asparagus with lemon oregano aioli from this recipe. Instead of using jarred mayonnaise, we made our own, which took several attempts but came out great in the end.

Dinner was served with crusty bread and an arugula, roasted yellow beet and pomegranate seed salad with Rita’s dressing. We also had baked potatoes because the potato appetizer wasn’t enough potato for Shane.

My sister Anna had the brilliant idea of Baked Alaska for dessert. For the cake base, she used the Great Yellow Cake recipe from the New Basics Cookbook, which is dairy free. The ice cream was dairy-free chocolate peanut butter from JP Licks and it was excellent.

My parents joined us for cake and midnight, because their friends had started to fall asleep over at the “grown-ups” party.

Even though we had a bit of a hard time staying up ourselves, it was perfect to be with some of my favorite and most beloved people as we said goodbye to 2012 and hello to 13.