This meal takes 30 minutes to make, start to finish: salmon cooked in parchment, jasmine rice, broccoli and salad.

I used this Salmon in Parchment recipe it takes less than 10 minutes to prep and 20 to cook. Turn the oven on immediately, by the time the salmon is prepped, the oven will be pre-heated. As soon as the salmon is in the oven, put the rice on. While the rice and salmon are cooking, prepare the broccoli and a simple salad. That’s it!

I usually use a different salmon in parchment recipe, but this one popped up when I googled salmon in parchment, and I’m glad it did. It was quicker than my usual recipe and I happened to have all of the ingredients on hand.

A couple of notes: I couldn’t find any string, so I didn’t tie my parchment packages. Instead, I folded the right and left side of the parchment up over the salmon and then the top and bottom back behind the salmon to make a little packet that would stay intact enough for cooking. It worked fine. The broccoli was steamed and buttered, but any quick and simple broccoli would work. The rice was jasmine, cooked with a little butter and Better Than Bouillon. The salad was just organic lettuce from my csa box, but with my mom’s signature dressing, which would make even a less qualified leaf taste really delicious.

• Rita’s Dressing •
Zest or peel and cut into slivers the skin of one lemon. If you’re Rita, you might enlist a team of friends and family members to sit around and slice hair-thin slivers of lemon peel for you, otherwise, just do your best. Add the juice of one lemon and more or less an equal amount of seasoned rice vinegar. I prefer Nakano Original or Marukan Seasoned, (some of the other brands have inferior flavor). Any fresh herbs you have on hand can be chopped and added to the dressing at this point. So far we have not found an herb that didn’t compliment this recipe. Add olive oil until it tastes good, not too oily and not too tart.