We celebrated my beautiful, wonderful, lovely sister Anna‘s 37th birthday last night with a Mexican Feast. Anna has asked for Mexican for the past several birthdays and each year we wonder why we don’t have it more often at the Cape. It was a dreamily wonderful night with excellent food, (almost labor-inducing) laughter, Cape family, best neighbors and a good friend we should really see more of.

Photos left to right from top left: 1. Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake from Sweetapolita made by Jenya & me, 2. Shane’s delicious Maragritas, 3. Ronni‘s wonderful guacamole, queso blanco & caperberries, 4. Jenya’s red salsa, Rita & André‘s yellow rice & Drew‘s green chile salas, 5. Drew’s grilled beef, 6. My plate: previously mentioned items plus grilled shrimp, Drew’s black beans and a corn tortilla, 7.  After dinner mess, 8. Cake & presents table, 9. Happy Birthday Anna!

I was too busy with cake-making and beach-going to take notes on how things were made. I invite my friends and family to post their recipes in the comments section.