Our family is made up of a bunch of not really related by blood people whom we consider to be our true family. Here are some of the folks whose names you’ll hear regularly. More to be added as the seasons change.

Immediate Family: Nina Max (me, mom), Shane (dad), Rose (daughter) and Sid (son).
Nina’s Blood: Anna (sister) & “Half-Uncle” Chris, Rita (mom) & Morgan (dad)
Cape Family: Carole (other mom r.i.p.) & Wayne (other dad), Jenya & André (sister & brother in law) & Cal (nephew & cousin)
Cape Regulars Who Cook: Drew, Cathy Alicia & Amelia (aka “The Drews“), The Alexanders, Blair, Ronni, Smell Mistress Kate, Sean (on the grill)
The Italian Side Cooks: Grandma Didi (aka Lillian Magnani, aka Cook, r.i.p.), Uncle Pete (her son, my mom’s brother), Auntie Dot (actually from Scotland), Kirsten & Ian (my only cousins)
The Irish Side Cooks & Company:
Granny & Grandad Murray, Pat (oldest brother), Trish (wife), Patrick & Sarah (kids), [Us here], Brian (third brother), Barbara (wife), Conan & Fionn (kids), Dennis (youngest brother), Michelle (wife), Donnacha & Clara (kids)
The Bronx Side: Gail (bread baker extraordinaire) & Jerry (deceased), Ben & Josh (sons), Angela (daughter in law), Ava and Sophia (grandkids), Iris (Kourabiethes queen) & Johanna (daughter)