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As you might recall from last year, we celebrate Easter on Saturday. This is mostly because it’s more convenient for the people who have to drive several hours to get home, to do that the next day. Also, it means a lot of folks who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to make it due to their own family celebrations, can join us.

The menu is always a selection of salads and savory pies, and meat of some sort. For pies this year, we had Geraldine Ferraro’s Easter Pie, Torta Verde and new addition: mozzarella pie with kale and sun dried tomatoes.

The salads were barley with corn, parsley and endive, roasted beet, onion and lentil, celery with golden raisins, almonds and herbs, fennel and orange with avocado and herbs, and a delicious mixed green.

Lamb was the featured meat, both roasted (over spoons), and in meatball form with tzatziki dipping sauce.

That’s pretty much all I can tell you as I did not help out even a little bit this year, because, you know, I’ve got a baby.