Cracker&Water_IMG_1231Tonight I was able to prep dinner in nearly one go, thanks to crackers and a bowl of water. In the past several months, dinner has been made in 1 to 5 minute spurts. I’ll chop half a carrot and then stop to tend to Sid, then chop the other half 30 minutes later etc. You get the picture.

Thanks to a thing called baby led weaning—and possibly thanks to the salt on the crackers—Sid was able to occupy himself for a good 20 minutes. Enough time for me to get the Parmesan Chicken Goujon egged and battered. Woo hoo!

When he lost patience with his crackers, I gave him a bowl of water to play with. That occupied him for another 5 minutes, long enough for me to make a salad, and just in time for him to hurl the bowl across the kitchen floor.

Hooray for baby led weaning and almost sitting up.