This morning I discovered some chunks of plastic-wrapped meat in the fridge which hadn’t been there the night before. I called Shane and left a message: “Hey, it’s me. Are we having big chunks of beef for dinner? Let me know so I can plan accordingly. Thanks”

A few minutes later, I received an email response: Shall I buy the Chevre or will you pick it up?

And it was settled. We were having big chunks of beef for dinner, because Rose loves meat and it’s her birthday. I cooked the steak as in the recipe above.

The new oven fries recipe that I tried tonight was great. It requires a few extra steps but is definitely worth the time, if you have it. The fries came out crispy and good. We dipped them in the leftover dill sauce from Friday. I think that sauce would be good on pretty much anything, it was great on the fries.

I made a waldorf-type salad with the last of my csa escarole, some apples from our recent trip to Dr. Davies orchard, grated cheddar cheese and my new favorite salad dressing. The thing I’m loving about escarole these days, is that you can put the dressed leftovers in the fridge after dinner and it’s still good enough to for lunch the next day.