Moving woes

MovignWoes_IMG_1589Everything’s all a-shambles over here. The dining room table is pushed up against the wall, instead of over by the window. The computer and packing supplies are strewn across it. For the past few nights we’ve pushed things aside and squeezed in amongst packing tape and labels to eat dinner.

Rose does not like this, and I can’t really blame her. Tonight, I set us up on a side table over by the window, where we belong. A pile of boxes topped with a tray held the food. It was squishy-cozy, but felt much better than eating by the computer and the wall.

In an attempt to further placate Rose, we had “free night.”





Cape vacation: Day 7

Our penultimate vacation dinner was one of multiple pastas and salads. Fresh clam pasta about which Drew said “Am I overdoing it with the clams this week?” And everyone replied “No!” Pasta with the Drews’ home-jarred sauce (with or without sausages) and the Drews’ pesto on the side, in case you didn’t have enough pasta-topping options.

Somebody made delicious garlic bread, and I don’t know who it was.

My mom made two salads, a sweet and a salty. The sweet salad had golden raisins, blueberries, feta and orange. The salty salad had arugula, tomatoes and lemon zest.

Also there was a hurricane.

In other tumultuous news, The Steady Table is moving in a week and a half. After 14 years as New York City residents, we’re moving on—eeek!

More on this later, but just so you know, it might be a while till I post again. We’re only giving ourselves 9 days to pack up.

Cape vacation: Day 6

Tonight was the annual early 4th of July fireworks display on Little River. To be ready in time for the show, we had an early dinner of meats, salads and potatoes.

For cocktail hour there were fresh caught clams, on the half shell and casino-style.

Shane brought smoked pork chops up from the Empire Market in College Point. The boys caught bluefish in the morning. To make things extra meat-festy, Drew threw a steak into the mix.

Rita rocked my world with three delicious salads. A romaine and tomato salad with chives and crushed chick peas. An escarole salad with anchovies, croutons, parmesan and almonds (loosely based on this Marcella Hazan recipe). And a “buffalo salad” made with napa cabbage and Frank’s Red Hot, which was very popular with the men.

Shane’s potatoes baked on the grill were extra moist and delicious for some reason. I don’t know what he did.

Weirdly, the amazing firework display at close range, didn’t wake the baby. Happy 4th everyone!


Cape vacation: Day 4

PizzaNight_IMG_1443Tonight we had Drew’s pizzas—5 different kinds—and two salads, followed by movie night! (The Lego Movie)

The pizzas were caprese with pesto, artichoke and pepper, mushroom, olive and roasted garlic, sausage, & another meaty one that I didn’t make note of.

Cape vacation: Day 3

Tonight’s dinner of pasta with brie, tomatoes and basil, grilled sausages and salads, was preceded by cocktails on the beach with a gnat-deterring bonfire. It doesn’t really get better than that. See photo captions for more.

Cape vacation: Day 2

Tonight was fresh-caught clams with spring herbs, two salads, crusty bread and white bean spread. I didn’t try the clams but by the way everyone was swooning, I’d say they were pretty amazing. Here’s the recipe.

For the non-clam-eaters, I made a white bean spread with lemon juice and zest, fresh tarragon and fresh thyme, to have with two delicious salads and bread.

For dessert, there was ice cream from Smittys, following an extensive dessert survey.

Cape vacation: Day 1

CapeVacation_Night1_IMG_1297On day 1 of vacation, we were having such a jolly time that I didn’t do a great job of documenting a lovely Mexican-ish meal. There was ceviche, posole, beans, tortillas, guacamole and salsa. All made from scratch, all delicious.

After dinner we opened the giant chocolate Easter egg, summertime piñata style (see video below).

Crackers and water

Cracker&Water_IMG_1231Tonight I was able to prep dinner in nearly one go, thanks to crackers and a bowl of water. In the past several months, dinner has been made in 1 to 5 minute spurts. I’ll chop half a carrot and then stop to tend to Sid, then chop the other half 30 minutes later etc. You get the picture.

Thanks to a thing called baby led weaning—and possibly thanks to the salt on the crackers—Sid was able to occupy himself for a good 20 minutes. Enough time for me to get the Parmesan Chicken Goujon egged and battered. Woo hoo!

When he lost patience with his crackers, I gave him a bowl of water to play with. That occupied him for another 5 minutes, long enough for me to make a salad, and just in time for him to hurl the bowl across the kitchen floor.

Hooray for baby led weaning and almost sitting up.

Garlic scapes

GarlicScapes_RedRice_IMG_1229Every year we get garlic scapes in our CSA box, and they are beautiful, and we don’t know what to do with them. They usually end up in a vase—an old glass milk bottle to be precise—and they look pretty on our sideboard until they don’t.

That’s kind of sad.

This year I vowed to actually cook and eat them. Last night I made Red Rice Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Fontina, and substituted nearly every ingredient for something else. The good news is that it’s a very forgiving and flexible recipe.

The substitutions were as follows: Cherry tomatoes roasted with chopped garlic scapes (which is makes a heavenly smell, btw), for the roasted veggies. Fresh chopped spinach added in with the parsley at the end  (the warm rice wilted the spinach nicely). Gouda cheese instead of fontina. It was delicious.