VDay_IMG_6133Shane and I are well suited in that we both find anything romantic to be really embarrassing. We can’t tolerate romantic comedies, even the token smoochy bit in dramas and action movies has us both cringing and fidgeting nervously. We didn’t have a wedding. Suffice it to say we’re not big on Valentine’s Day.

It used to be that we didn’t celebrate at all, but now Rose is around. Far be it from us to ruin her Valentines vibe, just because we’re romantically challenged. Our solution has been to do away with the romance, and make a fun time of it.

For dinner tonight, we had all food that was pink and red. Lidia Bastianich’s Penne alla vodka, which happens to be Rose’s favorite. A grilled tuna steak that turned out to be a little less pink/red than we’d planned, but was nevertheless tasty. A red pepper and radicchio salad. Cosmopolitans for the grown-ups, and a ‘cocktail’ (seltzer and cranberry with ice and a straw) for Rose.

Dessert was sugar cookies from the lovely blog Joy the Baker. Today was my first time trying one of her recipes, and I’m excited to try more.

Wishing you lots of love on this often awkward day, in whatever form you’re comfortable with. xxoo