Growing up I was somehow led to believe that eating starch with starch was somehow naughty. Not truly bad naughty, but devilish, sneaking candy before dinner naughty. Nowadays, whenever I make pasta with corn, I feel a bit like I just got away with something slightly illegal. The recipe for Pasta with Bacon and Corn, is from Dinner A Love Story, one of my favorite blogs. It’s a great read if you don’t know it.

All of the veggies tonight were from my csa box except for the corn which was frozen (organic sweet) corn. For the tomatoes, I just cut them into halves and chunks and drizzled them with olive oil, basil leaves and salt which I’d blended together with a hand-blender.

The whole meal can be made in 35 minutes if you put the pasta water on to boil right away, and remember to put the pasta in to cook as soon as the water boils. And also if you use frozen corn, cutting it from the cob would probably add 10 minutes or so.