ShrimpWhiteBeans_IMG_6422When I realized that it was not just sunny, but also nearly warm today, I insisted upon a family outing. My demand was met with the expected  protests and groans, which was why I presented it as a demand (rather than a request) to begin with.

We finally made it out of the house at 3:30. Once at the beautiful Gantry Plaza State Park, everyone admitted they were happy we came. Yay! How wonderful! What a delightful scene! Except that once we were done frolicking picturesquely, little time was left to shop for and prepare dinner.

Enter Shrimp & White Beans. I’ve done this one before, it’s quick, easy and delicious. On the table by 7:30 if you start at 6:45 (8:00 if your family is being a huge pain in the ass, and won’t just leave you the hell alone so you can cook dinner, god dammit*).

Last time I made Shrimp & White Beans, we didn’t have smoked paprika, this time I did, and it made the dish even better. For greens we had broccolini with olive oil and salt.

* I forgave them when they both thanked me for dinner, immediately upon sitting down to eat.