We’re just back from a delightful mom and daughter trip to San Francisco. We visited with dear friends and even got to see Rose’s aunt and cousin who happened to be over from Ireland.

Most of our time was spent with my friend Rachel, who I’ve known since first grade, her husband Rob and their son Frankie, and my friend Elana of the dairy and nut-free food blog Unbelieveable And Yet, her husband & son.

The best part of the trip was the company, we had some pretty good meals too.

Among the highlights are: Gaspare’s Pizza, pretty good pie and great classic Italian-American decor. Elana’s baked eggplant, perfectly tender and brown. Shredded and massaged kale salad, which we had more than once (recipe soon). Rachel’s amazing garlic bread (so buttery), I’m not even a garlic bread person but I was sold. Dungeness crab (cakes and sandwiches) & oysters (raw and po-boy) and amazing old-school ambiance, at Nick’s Rockaway Beach.

(click on the photos for slide show view, and description)