We will have one more Cape dinner this year, but at a restaurant (tune in next weekend). So, tonight really was the last dinner we cooked on Cape Cod in 2013. It makes me sad to write that.

It was a great meal, as all last suppers should be. We had steak (or bean) tacos with as many sides and condiments as we could come up with, without going food shopping.

In the evening, Rose, Shane and I took the beautiful walk that we’d been waiting all summer to be well enough to take. When we got home, dinner prep was under way. The table was set with space and activities for baby Cal. I think the shorter days tricked us into thinking it was later, and we ate before Cal’s bedtime, for a change.

Wayne grilled the steak. I made my favorite black beans and Anna and I made a green salad with the CSA veggies I’d brought from home. Jenya made her delicious cooked salsa, with pureed tomatoes, garlic, onion and dried chiles. André found an assortment of tortillas—we used corn—and a bag of delicious roasted green chiles in the freezer. Anna scrounged up enough cheddar to grate for topping, and salvaged some sour cream.

It goes without saying, that there were ice cream novelties and flying paper lanterns after dinner.

The whole undertaking was uncharacteristically thrifty, and characteristically merry, of us. We done good.