No, this is not a low-fat recipe post. Nor is it about dinner (we had pizza tonight).

This morning while contemplating making a second batch of chocolate truffles*, I was stricken with guilt. Thank goodness for facebook and Queens Mamas. Some cash, a promise from my sister, a couple of hours and a short car ride later, I had safely delivered  a batch of supplies to the Rockaways (by way of Astoria) and could continue my chocolate truffle production, without too much guilt.

The Queens Mamas folks have been helping out with Sandy recovery efforts from day one and are still at it. They’re putting together a huge Thanksgiving for the people out there, and have been incredibly organized and efficient with information on when and where to bring supplies and exactly what they need.

Today they were asking for paper plates, plastic forks and knives, serving utensils, aluminum foil, salt, and decorations. We purchased all of that, and then added cups, spoons, and some clementines as well. If you want to help out, friend Queens Mamas on facebook to get all the info you need.

*The truffle recipe was from the December 2012 issue of Food Network Magazine. The truffle recipe can now be found online here. Surprisingly easy to make. I used 24 ounces of a variety of chocolate that I just happened to have on hand (you read that right). I used everything from half of a good-quality chocolate bunny that somehow got lost in the freezer, to an 85% cacao Valrhona bar that was too dark for even this chocolate lover, to a Mast Brothers bar that had lost the part of it’s label that said what kind of bar it was, to a handful of chocolate chips, even a hershey’s miniature or two. Melt those all together with some heavy cream, vanilla extract and a hearty splash of bourbon and you have something delicious. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.