GenderCake_IMG_8527I made this cake (which Rose decorated) because I was pretty sure we’d be hearing about the gender of our baby today. It’s a weird, lumpy—albeit delicious—little cake. I wanted to make a small, 2-layer cake, but I knew I’d have to leave home for the day, before the results were due to be in.

Instead of two small layers of the same color, I made one small pink layer, one small blue layer, and some frosting. Then I left for the day, with a rather nervous stomach and my phone ringer set on maximum volume.

The plan had been to surprise Rose and Shane with my gender reveal cake* after dinner. Things went awry however, when I got the results and then found myself unable to lie to Rose when she asked if the doctor had called yet.

Things went further awry when Shane found out the gender, from someone who wasn’t one of the three people I’d told when I couldn’t reach him immediately.** Fortunately, Shane doesn’t give a shit about that kind of thing, and neither do I.

For dinner we had chicken and rice, beans, guacamole and a pepper salad. Followed by the cake surprise which surprised no one.

Oh wait, do you want to know what we’re having? Nah, you want to hear more about chicken and rice, right? Here goes. It’s a…
GenderCake_IMG_8530That’s right folks, a boy. A healthy, wiggly boy, with a penis. (Trucks sold separately.)

*My friend Britta, who coined the phrase “gender reveal cake” actually guessed that that’s how I intended to make the announcement.
**Note to expectant parents. Do not be a stupid blabbermouth like me. Don’t tell anyone the gender of your child, before you tell your husband or partner!