My intention was to do a Friday Finds post every Friday. So far, I have not been delivering. I was kind of wondering if it was worthwhile, if anyone is actually interested in my old junk. But then this thing happened.

I was at the neurologist getting my tri-monthly set of 67 injections to the head for migraine. My neurologist asked me what I think makes a home. This was notable, because what makes a home is something I think about every day at work and my neurologist and I have never talked in any detail about my job.

The first thing that came to mind was natural light. For me, natural light is invaluable, even more so after living in a dismal dark basement for a year.

The next thing that came to mind is whatever makes it personal. “Yes!” said my neurologist. “Who wants to live in a sterile home? I have many collections of things, maybe too many things, but it brings me joy to look at them.” You may recall hearing me say the same thing in this post.

So with that Friday Finds is back.

Today we bring you this lovely old tin that someone customized for their 1935 Dodge. This tin is priceless on so many levels, the Clean & Good girls, the sailor dresses, the aprons, the hair, the halftone screen. And inside? 4 special fertility rocks that a co-worker of my sisters gave to me when I was trying to conceive my first child.