IMG_3741Shane likes to cook on the weekends, you probably know that about him. Because our family tends to hibernate when it snows—we sit around in our pjs all day, draw, maybe make a fire, cook—Saturday was the perfect day for Shane to take on an elaborate cooking project like making lasagna with fresh, homemade pasta.IMG_3742This time around, he used this pasta recipe from Lidia Bastianich, and rolled it out to a number 5. The pasta had some tooth to it, we think we’ll try thinner next time.IMG_3750We used my/my mom’s lasagna recipe, with some roasted red and orange peppers, and onion for fun.IMG_3752Rose was concerned that there would be “too much vegetarian stuff” in the lasagna, but then devoured it. Wouldn’t you? I mean look at this thing, delish.IMG_3753