Freestyle_Quesadillas_IMG_1130It’s been hard to find time to post lately, but you haven’t missed much. Things have been a bit repetitive (dinner-wise) around here. If you stopped by our apartment around 7:30 on any given night, you’d likely find us eating either Penne alla Vodka or Freestyle Quesadillas (pictured above).

Freestyle Quesadillas, you say? Is that some kind of newfangled X-Games event?

No, it’s simply quesadillas with whatever toppings I can scrape together with a baby in one arm, and a 6 year old talking to me non-stop from two rooms away.

We call it “Freestyle” because Rose seems to embrace any meal with a DIY aspect. Essentially, you put a bunch of stuff in little bowls with spoons and she eats it up, literally.

Speaking of making dinner with a baby in one arm. Here’s an invaluable trick: Buy sliced cheese for quesadillas.* We usually have a bunch of leftover sliced mozzarella in the fridge, from when Shane makes pizza. That works great, so does sliced cheddar. Just bung a few slices between your tortillas and you’re golden. One-handed quesadillas!

*I’m not a fan of packaged grated cheese. It seems to have too much surface area to remain fresh for any length of time.