Farmhouse Baked Ricotta is a lovely little recipe from Amanda over at Easy Peasy Organic. It’s simple, versatile, relatively quick and a favorite of mine. An added bonus, as Amanda points out, is that it uses up that extra ricotta that would otherwise be likely to go moldy in the fridge.

I don’t think I’ve ever made the recipe exactly, I generally forget to buy at least one of the ingredients, but it never seems to matter. I’ve substituted potatoes for the sweet potatoes (boil them first until almost cooked through or they will be undercooked). The recipe says you can use any sharp, hard cheese, this time I used a pecorino and cheddar mix. Manchego works well too. You can also use any herb for the herb sauce, the basil version is wonderful. Tonight I used arugula since I’m still trying to make it through the bounty of last week’s csa greens. It was a great alternative, I added a little lemon juice as well as the rind, and it was delicious.