Holy moly! The Alexanders went all out tonight. Ian and Britta wanted to commandeer dinner. Everyone around here gets that having four (!) kids (including newborn twins) excuses you from dinner duty. But they insisted, and we’re glad they did, because it was friggin’ delicious.

Every available surface in the kitchen, mud room and on the porch was taken over to create one of our best Mexican meals yet.

On the menu: Grilled beef and fish for tacos and/or burritos, a variety of shaved and shredded cheeses for topping, Ronni’s guacamole, Jenya’s new cooked hot salsa, chipotle sauce with mayo and sour cream, mashed yams with cumin, corn and flour tortillas, black rice, grilled portobellos, peppers, beets and dandelion greens, cucumber and tomato salad, shredded cabbage and chopped scallions, corn with butter, lime, Old Bay seasoning and parmesan. I think that’s it.

It was SO good. And did I mention we had 22 for dinner?