My dad cooked tonight (I know, the men around here) When we complimented him on dinner he said “Don’t thank me, thank Melissa Clark, she’s my girl.”

My dad has cooked from the New York Times, pretty much exclusively for a very long time. Like since they started delivering the Times in Boston. Before that he only cooked Marcella Hazan. For a while he was into Bittman, now he’s a Clark guy.

He makes this eggplant dish (Melissa’s) that he calls 100% vegetarian, even though it’s got anchovies in it. We don’t complain, it’s really good. Eggplant, onion, anchovies, ricotta, provolone, parmesan, breadcrumbs. All baked up into a nice melty, cheesy, flavorful dish.

You can find the recipe here, thanks to my dad for introducing it to us. But as he’d say: you can thank Melissa Clark.

As always, a delicious salad by my mom (slivered parsnips and pistachios!)

Happy weekend. xoxo