Freezer_IMG_5829I don’t really approve of chicken nuggets. But I’m not too proud to feed them to my kid, even if they’re really old (so long as they’re organic).

To make a short story long, this is what we have in our freezer: Five pounds of butter, a 72oz bag of chocolate chips, some ‘fancy’ brownies, Baker’s unsweetened chocolate, coffee, vodka, ice and compostable waste. Compostable waste takes up a good 70% of our freezer space, much to my husband’s chagrin.

You see, we live in a cooperative apartment in the city and it’s not so easy to dispose of our compostable waste on a daily basis. Once a week, or when I remember, I bring my frozen veggie scraps etc. up to the compost collection spot, two blocks away. The operative word here is remember. More often than not, I forget until we’re at that critical point where frozen organic waste is preventing the freezer door from closing properly.

Today we were at that point. When I returned home from dropping off 30lbs or so of compostable waste, I discovered some old chicken nuggets in my, now spacious, freezer.

Shane is out and I decided to give the (organic, for kids) chicken nuggets to Rose for dinner. She didn’t like them, perhaps because they were old, probably really, really old. I gave the rest to the cats, and now we have room in the freezer for another pound or two of butter.