This is the kind of Cape day we dream of all winter long. Shane and Drew went out in the morning and caught a dozen bluefish, which essentially made Shane’s year.

Beaming, Shane spent the rest of his day messing around with his new Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker, which he got for his birthday this past spring. Unfortunately, his first attempt was a bit spotty and the ribs weren’t ready until midnight. This was fine, since we had a dozen bluefish to eat.

Before dinner, we had raw oysters on the beach with prosecco and a bonfire at sunset. It doesn’t really get better than that.

Gail is here this weekend and made her famous cheese bread, which she will tell you is totally addictive. With the help of Alicia and Rose they made about a dozen little loaves to scatter around the table. And oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Rita prepared the bluefish with Drew’s basil-arugula pesto. We had baked potatoes and a couple of lovely salads using my CSA greens.

Love summer.