Britta_Harpers_DobbsFerry_IMG_0903My good friend Britta is pregnant with twins. Yes, twins! On top of that, she already has two preschoolers who are 16 months apart. As a parent of just one child, I can barely wrap my mind around this.

Britta writes the blog Hudson & Hill, she’s also book coach at her very own Year of the Book, and partner and co-founder at EAT. She’s the person who encouraged me to start this blog, one of my favorite people, and she’s a trooper! Apparently, it’s not easy to have two babies in your belly at one time.

Last night, Britta’s husband Ian—also partner and co-founder at EAT and another one of my favorite people—threw her a surprise party. A whole bunch of us met up at Harper’s in Dobbs Ferry to celebrate Britta and distract her, for a while, from the discomfort of having 9 pounds of baby all up in her business.

It was a really lovely time. Great people, delicious food. There were lots of fried and poached eggs on the menu, which seemed apt considering Britta’s obvious propensity for egg-making. Even Shane’s burger had a fried egg on it. Bits of salty pork and brussels sprouts featured prominently.

Most importantly though, I think Britta felt incredibly loved, which she certainly is, beautiful round belly full of babes and all.