At this time five years ago, I was heading to the hospital to give birth to my first and only child. This is a blog about dinner, but today it seems appropriate to post about another passion of mine, making and eating cakes.

When Rose asked me to make this elaborate cake for her 5th birthday, all I could think was: “Shoot, I was hoping for a sheet cake.” But I said yes, because she is after all my one and only child. Plus I knew my mom would be good for the buttercream (and she was, thanks mom!).

Aside from the fondant, which I don’t love, (because shouldn’t every part of a cake be not just edible but tasty?), this cake was delicious. Everyone was delighted even before they saw the surprise inside. Thanks to sweetapolita for the idea.

I should mention that our kid party was at Nina’s Gymnastics Center, which is a great place for d.i.y.ers like ourselves who no longer have enough space at home to host a kid’s party. Nina’s provides the activity, you provide the rest. The good pizza was from Joey’s.