I realized as I prepared with increasing excitement for Sid’s 4th birthday party that this would be the first party I’d had in my own home since Rose’s Rainbow Thomas Buzz Lightyear 4th birthday party. That was 6 years ago, way back before this blog even existed but you can see some pics here on Apartment Therapy.

It was such a familiar exercise, decorating with paper streamers and sparkly letters, setting up the bar, digging out the serving dishes and tchotchkes I haven’t used in 3 1/2 years. The party was at 11am so we served bagels from Kupels, with most of the trimmings, some fruit, coffee and juice (also mimosas which nobody was in the mood for).

Sid had to take a break in his bed, about 45 minutes into the party because it was “too noisy and messy”. Gotta love a guy who knows his limitations. After 15 minutes or so under the covers, he said he felt better and we served the cake. His birthday request was that people not sing, he wanted to sing the song himself, which he did very sweetly and quietly before blowing out his candles.

No matter how banany things are in life, I will always be able to find the time to make the cake of my kid’s dreams. In this case, a purple and blue vanilla cake. I used Martha Stewart’s white cake recipe from her Baking Handbook to get a pure purple cake (a yellow cake would have muddied the color), and a classic butter and confectioner’s sugar icing, tinted blue.

We don’t have a baby anymore. I’ll stop there before things get messy.

Love you Sid!