The kids and I ate in the car tonight. Car-sadillas and apples. Aside from the fact that they were homemade quesadillas and not fast food, there was really nothing inspiring or photo-worthy about dinner.

And with that out of the way. I thought I could tell you about our new-ish kitchen.

In case you haven’t seen it, the blog has an In The Kitchen section which you can visit right here. I’ve been wanting to take some really nice photos and update In The Kitchen, but haven’t. This is because I wanted to show you all our kitchen at it’s finest, at that moment when everything is finally unpacked and put away, and there’s not junk all over the countertops.

That moment will probably never happen. And it probably doesn’t matter.

We designed our kitchen to be used, to be lived in, to be livable. The cabinets are painted, the appliances are middle-of-the-line, the countertops are soapstone which is meant to get beat up and still look ok.

So here’s our kitchen in real life. This is it at it’s finest. With a little boy and his digger on the counter. With sun streaming in the windows. With Shane’s “Big Daddy” mug on the drying rack. With a big jug of olive oil on the counter. With the red enamel pot on the stove.

That’s our kitchen for real.