In these early, foggy, newborn days, we’ve been mostly surviving on food that has been brought to us by a whole bunch of very kind friends, neighbors and family. Pictured above is week 1: Dec 2 – Dec 8. There is more, but I’m too sleep deprived to remember to take photos every night.

Left to Right:
1. Me and my children(!) very tired after being up all night and a totally unmedicated birth.
2. My reward, dinner in a private hospital room, which comes with better food than the regular, shared room. (This is a weird New York thing.)
3. Jamie Oliver’s friend’s lasagna, made by my aunt and served up (two nights in a row) by my girls Jenya & Anna.
4. This chili (from the freezer),
5. Delectable spinach lasagna from our neighbors who are amazing because they have a newborn of their own.
6. This chicken with potatoes and roasted broccoli, by Shane.