TortillaPie_IMG_9537A while back, I made tortilla pie, and froze half of it. At a loss for what to have for dinner tonight, I decided to dig past the compost and see what my freezer might have to offer. There in back, by the ice packs, was an ice-encrusted tortilla pie.

I had my doubts as to how good it would be after two and a half months in the freezer, but we were all pleasantly surprised. In fact, I think it might have been even better the second time around.

There’s a surplus of CSA lettuce in our fridge. A giant green salad with creamy cilantro-lime dressing made a dent in the lettuce, and went perfectly with the pie.

The recipe for tortilla pie (and another photo) can be found here. I think it would be equally great with corn tortillas, instead of whole wheat. Tune in soon for the results of that experiment.