MeatLads_IMG_6386Our great friend Sean is responsible for the title of this post. The full quote is: “Sweet Baby Jesus! Fire up the Weber! All hands on deck! There be MEAT lads! As far as a man can see!” and that’s really the way I feel right now. As though there is this endless supply of meat in our fridge.

Tonight, it was Emipre Market’s Smoked Pork Chops again. We also had simple pasta with pecorino, olive oil, butter & pepper and an amazing new roasted broccoli dish.

Roasted Bagna Cauda Broccoli has all the good stuff: lemon, anchovies, garlic, butter, wine and almonds. I added parsley for fun, didn’t have white wine, and wasn’t in the mood for almonds (which is weird because I love almonds), but it still came out great. Half of my mom’s homegrown Meyer lemon went into the broccoli, and that made it extra-good on many levels. With the other half, I made a glass of lemonade, for the three of us to share.