IMG_5792I went to acupuncture this morning and saw the lovely Christiane… or was it angel I saw? She gave me a good long treatment with loads of needles that felt like heaven and made my migraine finally go away (after 6 days of hell). Hallelujah! I was seriously considering asking my doctor to put me in a coma until the whole thing resolved itself.

So here we are back to Lazy Wednesday, happy and healthy again. Rose had a small piece of grilled chicken and plain salad. I had a slightly more interesting and hearty salad.

For days I’ve been eating boxed greens with bits of leftover dressing from the fridge, because I didn’t have wherewithal to assemble anything more. Tonight I had arugula with roasted eggplant, goat cheese and miso, lemon, honey, balsamic vinaigrette. It wasn’t fancy but it sure was a welcome change of pace.