We had a classic, communal Cape meal last night. 16 people for dinner and almost everyone participated in some way, whether it was growing the vegetables, catching the fish, cooking, prepping, setting the table or cleaning up. This is how we roll on Cape Cod, it’s what’s kept things going here, harmoniously, for so many years (25 years and counting!)

The flounder was caught locally and prepared by Drew (baked topped with pesto from the Drews’ garden in Western Mass). Shell steak (aka NY Strip) “imported” from The Butcher Block in Sunnyside, NY by Shane, and grilled on the Weber by grillmaster Goo-Goo Sean. Two delicious salads made by Rita with lemon, lettuce and parsley from my csa box and arugula from the Drews’ garden. A tomato and onion salad (a la Peter Luger Steak House) by me and Shane. I made a “restaurant-style” vinaigrette for the tomato and onion salad with red wine vinegar, honey, worcestershire sauce, dijon mustard, salt and olive oil. Potatoes Gratin by Shane, really, really delicious, from this recipe.