It a’int easy, this working full time thing. Leaving home at 7:30 and not returning until 6:30 leaves little time for planning, let alone actually cooking dinner. Fortunately, we have my parents, and Shane who hasn’t started working yet.

Although friends and family alike have been encouraging me to relinquish dinner to those more able, I can’t let it go completely. At least once a week, I try my hand at getting dinner on the table before 9pm (school’s starting soon, after all). Occasionally I succeed.

Here are some of the meals I’ve managed to make: Chicken Baked in Creamy Tomato Sauce – tip: add white beans and it doubles as a loose-interpretation vegetarian meal. Fusili with Ricotta and Spinach – easy, quick and can be a one-dish meal, sort of. Make a tomato salad too, if you’re ambitious, or my mom. Nachos – what the heck, right? Pile some chips with beans and shredded cheese and bung ’em in the broiler. A jar of salsa, guacamole, leftover steak and an easy salad is all you need on the side.