If Rose keeps on buying Beanie Boos, I think I might as well go ahead and realize my life-long fantasy of opening a bakery.

We’ve been insisting she buy the Boos with her own money. Seemingly, this would mean there’s a limit to how many she buys. But every time we think she’s out of cash, she comes up with another $7 from who knows where. It’s like she’s got a secret ATM in her room. Maybe we should put her in charge of our finances too.

Today was Sweetly’s birthday. Sweetly is a Valentine-themed Boo, so naturally we had heart cake. I made a batch of my sister’s famous brownies, cut one into a heart shape, and frosted it with whipped cream. I managed this because Rose entertained the baby while I made the brownies (yessssss!)

After back-to-back play dates and Sweetly’s party, I wasn’t particularly inspired, nor did I have much energy for making dinner. We had soft boiled eggs in shot glasses (because we don’t own egg cups), buttered toast fingers, bacon (not pictured) and salad.