Tonight we had our second to last Cape meal of 2012, and continued with our fridge and pantry emptying venture. It was hard to tell we were scrounging.

Shane looked in the freezer and realized he’d bought a bag of frozen strawberries every time he’d gone to the grocery store all summer long. We immediately issued a moratorium on all non-strawberry based cocktails. While we cooked, and sat around ogling the baby, Shane served up freshly-blended strawberry daiquiris, strawberry margaritas and strawberry virgins, to order.

Rita unearthed some frozen chicken, and along with bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, a can or two of tomatoes and who knows what else, she put together a chicken parm, sans mozzarella, that went over very well.

With my csa veggies, we made two salads. Anna made the wonderful raw kale salad that we all love so much (and that only Anna gets just right). I made a boston lettuce salad with Rita’s Dressing, mint and fresh raspberries. Per Rita’s recommendation, I let the mint and raspberries sit in the dressing, with the lettuce on top and didn’t toss until ready to serve.

On the side, we had 4 large scallops, browned in butter and deglazed with white wine. Not bad for an empty the fridge meal, not bad at all.