PretendSummer_IMG_6452This weather has really got me down. Yes, it’s a bit warmer, and the days seem longer, but it’s still too much for me. Too dismal, too much grey.

Tonight I decided to pretend it was summer. We had a thin delicate flounder filet, just like the kind we bring home from fishing trips on Cape Cod, except not nearly as fresh. Zucchini fried in butter with fresh parsley, to remind us of those days in July and August, when it seems there’s no end to summer squash. And rice, not because it’s summery, but to appease the 5-year old. We even played gin rummy after dinner.

My mood was lifted ever so slightly, for a few minutes. It was something, but not enough. Maybe tomorrow I’ll serve tomatoes and corn, and have a Nutty Buddy for dessert.