PizzaPie2_IMG_7258Shane makes a great pizza pie. He also makes a very, very good dough. But—and I may be struck down by lightning for saying this—it’s not quite good enough. It’s a little fluffier than I want it to be, and not quite as chewy, thin, or salty as I like. God, I’m a terrible wife!

When I stumbled upon this recipe for Best Ever (Neapolitan) Pizza Dough, I decided to try it. No skin off of Shane’s back, I would make the dough, all he had to do was make delicious pizza with it. I should have followed the recipe.

The part with the sauce and cheese on it was perfect, absolutely thin and tasty, without being mushy. The crust part was too crunchy, we didn’t want to eat it. I want, to want, to eat the crust part. That’s my goal.

With something as tricky as pizza dough, it’s important to follow the recipe. I know this, I really do. Thing is, I had already dragged a whiny kid around doing errands for a couple of hours. When I returned home to find I’d bought the wrong kind of yeast, it just wasn’t feasible to go back out.

Fortunately, Shane’s excellent pizza making abilities eclipse any potential shortcomings of crust. And they did tonight. I will try the Best Ever recipe again, with the right yeast, and get back to you.