OilPoachedSeafood_IMG_6353When my good friend Rachel posted this recipe for Olive Oil Poached Fish or Shellfish on my facebook timeline yesterday, I replied with something like “Sounds good, look for it on The Steady Table soon!” By soon, I didn’t really mean tomorrow, but then I already had fresh thyme, and I was near a store that sells good fish today. So there you have it, a day later. This is a good one for my dairy-free folks, and sneaky white kitty cats, as well.

Surprisingly easy: bung some seafood into a pot, cover it with olive oil, add some salt, garlic and herbs, cook for a little while, and you’re done. I made it with bay scallops and shrimp. I particularly liked the shrimp. The bay scallops tasted a bit funny to me, but I haven’t had them before so maybe that’s just the way they taste? (Fingers crossed.)

The oil/sauce that you cook the seafood in is delicious on a good, crusty bread with a little salt. We had a shredded kale salad on the side with lemon juice, olive oil and pecorino.

I don’t know what the science is behind this cooking method, maybe the oil keeps the moisture in? But the fish really comes out moist and tender. I added some salt to the oil while I poached. Next time, I will crush the thyme a little bit, to try to get more thyme flavor. And I’ll use regular scallops, or maybe just shrimp.