Pino's_IMG_1745It was just us ‘youngsters’ today. We spent the day walking, exploring our new/old neighborhood, looking at wildlife (turkeys & bunnies), and realized that we are not going to get fat. Our 5th floor walk-up apartment has been replaced by a house at the tippy top of a steep hill.

Oddly, this is not just my old neighborhood, but Shane’s as well. One of his first apartments when he emigrated to the US, was a very short walk away from where we’re living now.

In keeping with re-living/re-discovering our past, we ordered pizza from Pino’s, which has been around for as long as I can remember. We ate outside on a threadbare tablecloth which I remember fondly from my childhood. Nice.
Pino's_IMG_1746 Pino's_IMG_1749