It’s my aunt and second mom Carole’s birthday tonight, and it’s our second year celebrating without her. Melancholy though we are, Carole would have wanted us to celebrate. So, we had what she would have wanted for her birthday dinner, a lobster boil.

Photos left to right from top left: 1. The fire, 2. Wayne with the seaweed that goes into the lobster pot, 3. Waquoit Bay clams caught and prepared by Drew, 4. Potatoes cooking and lobster boiling, 5. Hanging by the fire, 6. Rita’s salad (this time she made her signature dressing with grapefruit instead of lemon), 7. The table 8. André with the “lobstas,” 9. At the table, 10. A lobster, 11. The messy table post-meal, 12. An after dinner bonfire.