Quiche_SodaBread_IMG_0411I’ve told you that Shane has issues with the word brunch, right? When friends from Ohio and California told us they’d be visiting on the same day, we promptly decided to have a get together with food at our place. Rose suggested we call it Dlunch, but we thought Linner had a nicer ring.

Our goal was to have something meaty, something vegetarian, something non-dairy, and everything without nuts. (Why the dietary restrictions? Click here.) We got 3 out of 4 of those right, but somehow dairy managed to work it’s way into everything but the salad.

On the menu was Soda Bread and Shepherd’s pie from the Avoca Cafe Cookbook. The Gourmet Cookbook’s Ultimate Quiche which is made with a creme fraiche and gruyere (and without bacon, in our case) and a baby lettuce, fennel and yellow beet salad with Meyer lemon zest in the dressing. For dessert, we had Anna’s Brownies (not pictured – sorry!)

I can’t tell you how great it was to see everyone. Rose put it best when she said it was “A long and fun day, such a long and fun day.