Kitchen Tour – Jackson Heights, NY

Our Jackson Heights kitchen was a typical, small, New York City galley kitchen. Shane and I designed and (gut) renovated it ourselves in 2007. I was pregnant and we figured if we didn’t do it before the baby, we’d never do it.

We wanted our kitchen to be classic/timeless, and in keeping with our 1920’s coop apartment. This was a challenge because in 2007 all appliances were either stainless steel or had that weird icky texture (unless you had a bundle to spend, which we didn’t). We also wanted to maximize our counter top and storage space.

Our apartment is a 5th floor walk-up so the kitchen dumbwaiter is indispensable (it’s that thing with the chalkboard paint in the photos). We use it daily, which is why it’s a little beat up around the edges. Think Costco runs, luggage, laundry, trash and recycle. We work it hard.

There are a few things about our kitchen that I’d like to change, and a few we’ve changed already. Overall, I think we did a pretty good job, particularly considering we’d never designed or renovated a kitchen before. (Click on photos for the full view.)