HotDogs_IMG_6381Around 10am today, Shane called from work to discuss dinner:

Shane: “I was thinking we should have hot dogs tonight.”
Nina (me): “Okay, with buns?”
S: “Yes, that would be nice.”
N: “I don’t know which ones are the hot dogs.”
S: “It says ‘Hot Dog Buns’ on the bag.”
N: “Not the buns. There are two kinds of meat in the fridge that are hot dog shaped, I don’t know which are the hot dogs.”
S: “They’re really long ones.”
N: “I’m assuming you’ll also want oven fries?”
S: “Yup”

The hot dogs were from Saturday’s trip to the Empire Market, the oven fries were the ones we always make. I had an arugula and radicchio salad topped with cilantro olive oil cannellini beans. T’was a good meal.